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Rome comes alive!

Welcome to Rome, Italy.   

I'll make your first step in my country an easy and fun one!

My desire is to make you feel at home while visiting my Country. 

A good guide knows how to guide you, but a top guide adds excitement to your holidays.

The vast majority of tourists come to Rome to visit the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum. That is quite understandable because these two attractions are full of charm and magnetism, as they are places that evoke events full of "pathos" and symbolism. Visit the pages Colosseum Tour and Vatican Tour for more details.

But do not forget that Rome is a city rich in history that has evolved under the influence of multiple social and cultural influences, over the course of more than 2000 years. There are many tours available in Rome, and it is impossible to put them all on a website, but all Tuors available are highly customizable to best suit your needs.
Visit the Tours page for more information.  Cris Roman Guide holds recognizments for multiple years 2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence
Virtual tours: if you can't travel

We could finally start travelling freely again, but I maintained the virtual tour format.
I am offering carefully curated selection of Rome museums, squares and archaeological treasury with virtual tours you can visit from the comfort of your own home. 
It is a good time to enjoy and prepare your next trip to Italy trough accurate presentations of the best of our country, art, culture and beauty.

My Virtual tours are available both in group seminar format, as well as in one-on-one private form.

You have completed your visit to Rome and want to visit Florence, Siena or Pompeii? Have a look at the pages Wine Tours and Florence, Pompeii, there are several possibilities that may interest you.

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About Me
Tourist guide since 2000, my name is Cristina Giannicchi.  On Rick Steves’ Rome guide book since 2010.
I was born and raised in Rome. I am fluent in Spanish and English. Most importantly I am a lover of history and I have a Master’s Degree in Management of Cultural Heritage.
My background in restoration and archaeology became the basis from which I have deepened my archeological and historical interest in the culture of Italy.
I have always been excited to discover some new facets of Italian life and culture and I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge with my clients.

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