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Quotes Christina was a wonderful guide and so well informed about all of Rome. We saw the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon Trevi fountain, and a wonderful over view of the ancient area. However, we especially enjoyed her professional training in History as well as Archeology, as we had a family member that was in that profession also. I had been here before but I was amazed at how much new information she gave and since our group had different backgrounds, she was still able to simply answer all levels of question. She was able to go at a pace we could be comfortable with; she took extra care to be sure we were picked up as planned and we finished with connections to our next destination. I can?t imagine a better guide or a more delightful tour. Many thanks. Betty Richard Quotes
Betty Richard

Quotes Based on the reviews here, we booked Cristina for two half day tours in Rome and we LOVED it! She was extremely knowledgeable and very patient with our group of 9, She answered all of our questions and gave us a great background on all the sites, the history, etc. She adjusted the tour based on our needs and desires and was very flexible during the planning. I would absolutely recommend Cristina if you're looking for a guide and would absolutely book her services again if we make our way back to Rome. Her smile was infectious and our group thought she was absolutely awesome. Quotes
Tour group from Texas
Completely Satisfied Group

Quotes We booked the half day tour of Forum/Colosseum and the half day tour of Vatican with Cristina and they were both fabulous. Cristina was very helpful and quick to respond during the booking process, and was ready to help with tickets for the Colosseum when the website went down. Our guide Rosa was very well trained and experienced, fluent in English and brought books to help us understand what we were seeing. She also helped us avoid the lines and quickly move through to see the most important items on each tour. A small private tour (we were a group of five) is the best way to see these sites and come away with a great experience. Highly recommend using Cristina's services in Rome. Quotes
Kevin Carey
Wonderful Tour Guide

Quotes Cristina's tour was highly recommended to us by a friend who did it a month ago. She was not available but recommended Mauro who provided the 4 hour Ancient Rome tour for my husband and two sons. The tour was the highlight of their trip to Rome as Mauro was really knowledgeable about the history and culture and brought everything to life for them. My only regret is that I was unable to join them. Quotes
The Diachoks
Very Satisfied Customers

Quotes We booked a tour through Cristina and she was very accommodating in tailoring a tour based on what we wanted to do. We toured with Marzia who was very knowledgeable and great with kids. We toured the Forum, Palentine Hill and Coliseum(our primary objectives) before lunch. Marzia suggested a great little pizza place a few blocks from the Coliseum which was a really good value. We had a very unfortunate suggestion from a tour guide later in our trip who was certainly "on the take" from a Malta restaurant so finding an honest tour guide who finds you a really good restaurant is awesome. We then did a walking tour ending at the Pantheon and again were happy for Marzia's insights. Unfortunately, we did not get to finish our touring plan as this was our fourth straight day of heavy touring so we will have to come back some day and do some more with Cristina and Marzia. Thank you both so much. McClenahan family Quotes
Sean McClenahan
Full Day in Rome

Quotes We used Cristina for a tour of the Vatican/St. Peter?s in June 2013. Not only was her tour entertaining and educational, but great fun. She certainly made our experience memorable. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Quotes
Richard C. Raines

Quotes My husband, 19-year-old son, and husband had the pleasure of being guided by Cristina this June in Rome. She met us at the Colsseum, and we also toured Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum. We had all been to these sites before but missed a lot trying to look at our maps and reading our guides, not having much luck making out the ruins from rubble. With Cristina's guidance and knowledge, we were able to expand our understanding of life in Ancient Rome. Cristina is also very fun and pleasant, which made our tour even more enjoyable. She serves as a guide and a friend. I highly recommend hiring Cristina as your private guide. You will get so much more out of the experience. Quotes
Sara Stevenson
Inside, Indepth view of Ancient Rome

Quotes Our group of 6 booked an all day tour with Cristina starting out at the Vatican. We thought we wouldn't see or learn much new as all of us had been to Rome before. Wrong! Cristina's insight and knowledge really made the Vatican, The Forum, The Colosseum, and all of Rome come alive for us! Despite so much to squeeze in we never felt rushed or like we missed a thing. She is the penultimate tour guide and I wouldn't ever visit Rome again without at least one tour with Cristina. Quotes
Tracy Baker
World Traveler

Quotes Cristina took a group of 6 adults who had all been to Rome previously and showed us we may have been there, but we didn't really see anything! Her tour of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica was filled with wonderful insight that made the Vatican come alive for us. After lunch she took us off to the Colosseum (a site that was closed on our last trip) and, once again, opened our eyes; even explaining why all the holes in the building blocks! Our next stop was the Forum, somthing I thought I had seen thoroughly on our last visit. Wrong! To top the day off, she took us back to the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and a Cathedral with three Caravaggio paintings. I honestly wished that the day would not end. So, when in Rome, do as the Bakers do - book Cristina for a tour! Tracy & Winnie Baker, California Quotes
Tracy Baker
World Traveler

Quotes Cristina placed our group of 5 into the extremely capable and educated hands of Valentina for our 3 day tour of Rome. From the ruins to the art to the history behind the building of Rome, there was no question left unanswered by the time we finished. Valentina's bubbly personality, expert knowledge, love for her home and personal interaction with each of us was exceptional and beyond any preconceived idea we had of what a tour of Rome would be. We started with a Classic Rome walking city tour, went on to the archeological sites and ended our three days with Vatican City. Our enthusiasm in retelling our new-found knowledge has made many of our friends seek referrals and spurred them to book trips to Italy! Bravissimo to Cristina and her wonderful team! Quotes
Ellen Fox
Enlightened Tourist
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