1. Your e-mail mentions that we would be responsible for getting the tickets and paying the admission prices, and that it is best to get them in advance. Would we also be responsible for getting your admission ticket(s)?

    No, as licensed guide I have my own pass for the museums, archaeological site, and Vatican museum/state. So you should buy just your tickets.


  2. Do we pay for the entrance fees for the guides, or is that included in the fee?

    The guides I provide for you are official licensed guides and have their own passes to enter into the monuments, so you don't have to buy tickets for them.


  3. All entrance fees can be arranged for and paid in advance so that there won't be any waiting in lines to purchase tickets?

    Yes, you can purchase and pay for all entrance fees in advance on line, using your personal credit card. Once you get your prepaid tickets "on line", there is no more "in line" for you.


  4. Can I arrange bookings over the internet?

    To book my tours, please write to me using my "Contact Me" page or send me an email. I do not yet use an internet booking system, sorry.

  5. If We purchase the Roma Pass, should We also have reservations for the Borghese Gallery?

    The Roma Pass includes the entrance fee for the Borghese Gallery as well as for the Colosseum-Roman Forum, but you need to reserve the time slots. If you make this reservation on-line yourselves, you also have to pre-pay for the tickets so you miss out on the free entrance included with the Roma Pass. As part of my service (I do it for free), I can reserve for you the date & time entry slot (9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM) and the number of people, and you will then be able to use the Roma Pass to enter free. Please provide specifics if you want me to make such reservations for you.

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About tours

  1. How much time before our tour starts should we be there?

    you can arrive 10 minutes before appointment to meet with the leadership

  2. Can we take water inside the museums with us?

    you can take water and food with you within the museum (remember not to have big backpack, which are not allowed to enter the Vatican museum)

  3. Where is flash allowed?

    Flash is not allowed into museums.  Not pictures, not videos and no talking in the Sistine Chapel!

  4. We are interested in a Colosseum tour that would include the underground chambers, arena and upper tier. Is it possible with you?

    Dungeon access at the Colosseum, at the moment, is under poor administration and they allow entrance only to tour operators. It is sad to say, but it is really hard for me to get special entry tickets for you.

    So it is possible to add the behind the scene part of the colosseum in the Colosseum tour (which will late in 3 hours and half), only if you are lucky enought to get those special access areas tickets.

    Ask to me to have more detailles.

    But in Rome there are many amazing underground options to visit:

    1. San Clement and its 2 underground layers http://www.basilicasanclemente.com/eng/

    2. Roman Houses under Celian Hill https://www.caseromane.it/en/

    3. Mithreum of Circus Maximus

    4. Roman houses under Palazzo Valentini https://www.palazzovalentini.it/domus-romane/index-en.html

  5. Is there a cancellation policy fee on the tour?

    Cancellation Policy:

    - with more than 28 days (4 wks) in advance, cancellation is possible with no fee

    - with less than 4 wks but more than 3 wks in advance, the fee is 25% of the total amount

    - with less than 3 wks but more than 2 wks in advance, the fee is 50% of the total amount

    - with less than 2 wks but more than 1 wk in advance, the fee is 75% of the total amount

    - during the last 7 days, you will be charged the whole amount (the cancellation fee is 100%) Please consider that all our services are run on a trust and fairness basis. We expect our customers to share the same principles with us and abide by our gentlemen's agreement.

  6. What it happens if I have to cancel for an injury occured?

    I have to say that in other occasion when it happens this kind of situation we, both side, agreed, in sending part of this cancellation fee, as recognizment of all the work there is behind this pc to keep to me and the most euro to keep as deposit for a future tour. It allways works out very well, because I am sure that in few months you will be back here in the best shape.

  7. 1. Tour of Appian Way 2. Tivoli Both of these offer a 1/2 day and full day option. Can you, please, tell us a little more about the 1/2 day versus the full day options so that we can choose which we prefer.

    On Tivoli trip, having just an half day, meaning to visit just 1 villa, or Hadrian or D'Este.

    To visit both, you need a full day

    On Appian Way tour, an half day meaning to make walk and explanation of the road, Cecilia Metella, Circus of Maxentius and catacombs,

    A full day meaning to start the visit with imperial villa of Quintili, than walking 2 miles along the most spectacular part of the Appian Way, than Cecilia Metella, Circus of Maxentius, catacombs,  Quo Vadis church, and ancient roman wall and Saint Sebastián gate. (If having a private driver or renting a bike, it is possible to reach the acqueduct park).

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